Sony a9 Review Round Up

At this point, it’s hard to dispute that Sony a9, named EISA’s best camera of 2017-2018, is not just an innovative mirrorless camera but an outstanding digital camera for any serious photographer. But for the undecided, here’s a round up of reviews from the experts.

Digital Photography Review

“The Sony a9 is more than just a refinement of the company’s a7-series of full-frame mirrorless cameras; it’s an evolution. With meaningful ergonomic and user interface improvements, the a9 is a polished and highly capable camera.”


“No stranger to pushing the boundaries of digital camera design, Sony has delivered a powerhouse of a camera in the a9, which far outstrips the performance capabilities of most mirrorless cameras to date.

The a9’s key specifications, including the 20fps burst shooting with full AF/AE tracking, no EVF blackout, near-complete autofocus frame coverage, and silent operation, are going to be seriously attractive to any and all professional action photographers.”

Imaging Resource

“For a wildlife, event or sport shooter, Sony has made a miracle with its A9. It’s fast and lightweight without being too small, and addresses just about every problem mirrorless has had up to this point. It has a great battery life and does not overheat.”

Digital Camera World

“The Alpha 9 is simply stunning – both as a technical achievement and as a tool for capturing fast-moving action. The silent 20fps continuous shooting mode can capture shots you would once have missed, and the AF system is complex but extremely effective.”


“In short, the new Sony Alpha A9 is clearly a great choice for sports/action photographers. But it’s also a highly capable, lightweight performer for shooting landscapes, street scenes, portraits, wildlife, and anything else one might encounter.”

Reviews from More Pro Photographers

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